Agribusiness and Training Programs

Derftdan Resources Ltd's experience covers multiple value chains such as the production and processing of cassava, ginger, rice, tomatoes, cashew, etc. We provide capacity building, farm establishment, and maintenance, produce aggregation and linkages, etc. While our services are not limited to the above, Derftdan Resources Limited has also built experience in developing business plans, feasibility studies, business proposals, training materials, the economics of production, etc.


Derftdan Resources Ltd is a fast-rising Agric-business organization filled with enthusiastic and committed staff. We boast of a team of over 50 professionals, including project managers and other experts with a wide range of backgrounds, experience, and expertise including Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, Biological and physical sciences, Business Administration, and Information and Communication Technology. We are experts in our respective fields and effectively synergize towards providing the best

Human Capital Management

Derftdan Resources Ltd is passionate about human capital management as we believe that the best resource in any manager's arsenal is the human capital resource. Consequently, it was observed according to research that about 70 percent of Nigerian smallholder tomato farmers are women. However, in Northern Nigeria, women’s participation in the farming operations and specifically tomato production is very limited, primarily due to socio-cultural restrictions that prevent women from fully participating in agriculture.

Project Management

Derftdan Resources Ltd offers clients a unique fusion of local and international knowledge and technology along with local expertise and insights. Since registration in 2017, we have managed different sizes of projects and as a Nigerian-based company with strong links to the resources, customs, and culture of Africa. The leadership team consists of result-oriented, experienced professionals with proven track records in the various agricultural value chains. At DRL, collegiality is our hallmark and we leverage each other’s strengths, while continually working to improve on our weaknesses.

Industry Collaborations

Over 190 million people live in Nigeria. By 2050, Nigeria is projected to surpass the United States to become the third most populous country in the world, behind India and China, with 411 million people. Feeding the population efficiently will be critical to support this growth and this scenario amongst others is the main driving force that prompted Derftdan Resources Ltd to launch Industry Collaboration drives with the aim of creating increased reach and impact points that would help tackle the plethora of issues hindering the efficient growth and establishment of the agricultural sector in Nigeria and Africa As a whole.
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